fuck off let me smoke

by space proof

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this ep is a compilation of songs from March 2017 containing experimental lo-fi noise which was an attempt to express sadness and pain with a simple, distorted guitar and voice recounting recent events in my life


released March 27, 2017




space proof Anchorage, Alaska

lo-fi trash directly from the last frontier

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Track Name: share ur spirit
ive been listening on repeat
these messages you left for me
a few weeks ago
weeks go

and now i just wanna quit
get the fuck outta here
and now i just wanna quit
get the fuck out of here

ive gone twenty days
and i dont think i can take much more
i cant ignore

the throbbing, the agony
i want you to feel clean
i need you in my agony

goodbye my dark queen
Track Name: menthol
i hate the taste of a menthol cigarette
but ill still smoke it anyway
just like i hate your tongue
but ill suck it anyway

even if your not the first choice
youre certainly not the last
and if you were to ask me
thats certainly not so bad

i wish that i just had my pack of green american spirits like old times
i know that makes me sound like a bitch
but really is that a crime?

when youre living in a world of fear
of angst and doubt
just another voice you hear
another to cast you out

i want to go in the woods
smoke some grass and some kush
and have a good time again

well now and then at night im thinking
all i think is of bad things
and then im crying, write these song again

i smoke another one
i say im done
i quit until im sick

i wait a week
then i grow weak
and im bound to give in

so now im back again
and im gone, gone for good
they've taken me for the final time
and i did all i could
Track Name: u owe me money stop buying weed
i wish someone would ask
doesn't take much time to pass

a penny for my thoughts?
you can have them for free
just ask

don't fuck with me johnny, i know
i know you spent my twenty bucks that you owe

whatever man, don't have to fuck around
you don't have to leave town or nothing
i'm leaving this earth
Track Name: waiting 4 u
ive been waiting
and ive waiting

and i keep waiting
my cig keeps burning
ash on the ground

and if youd been there
well thats mighty fine of you
Track Name: summer's desire
i really miss u
i really do
i really miss u
my whole world is blu

i thought of u the whole time out on the island
i think about u every time i smoke weed

i just want u back
i miss ur love
we open up a pack
at point woronzof

i need ur love
i thought i did not
but i was blind
and now im not

i really miss u
i really do
oh i miss u
my whole world is blu

i just wanna talk
i just wanna talk

cause i really miss u
i really do
i really miss u
my whole world is blu
Track Name: willy wonka and the cocaine factory
i just would like
to go on a walk
through the night

i wanna hold your hand
i wanna smoke a cig
we can smoke a joint
or a blunt with some twigs
but ill do what i can if you just let me in

across the street
but so far away
across an alleyway

i just need to hang out
with you sometime
you would see
youd wanna be mine
and then id be so happy again
Track Name: fuck off let me smoke
and i traded my life away
soon ill be smoking twelve packs a day
and if im lucky ill die

get me out of this winter misery
thats why i smoke so much god damn weed
i gotta escape one way or another
and this way seemed no better

now whats that mean?
i know i must say goodbye
so goodbye